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Over the years, the Latin American Studies program has brought in musicians, academics, and other personalities to share their insights into personal and professional development, as well as offer perspectives on the interrelatedness of Latin America and the United States. 

In conjunction with other Ohio University units, the Latin American Studies program hosts an annual Hispanic Heritage Month which both affirms Latin American identities and broadens campus awareness of its diversity. Featured this past year were Dr Salinas of Florida Atlantic University (On Latinx Identities), Dr. Ana Barerera-Pérez of the PEW Research Center (on the 2020 Latino vote), and Dr. Javier Ávila of Northampton Community College (one-man show, The Trouble with My Name).

With funding from our donors the Latin American Studies program has sponsored an annual networking trip to Washington D.C. with the purpose of helping students lay the groundwork for their future careers. This past year’s networking was virtual due to pandemic restrictions but students still managed to connect with the Ecuadorian Ambassador to the United Nations and the Americas Quarterly Group. Our students have benefitted greatly from these events, as well as from travel and research, which donations also support.

LAS students on the program's annual spring break trip to Washington D.C. (March 2020) The networking trip included visits to the Paraguayan, Guyanese, and Mexican consulates, the UN General Assembly, and Fulbright Office.


Support from Latin American Studies alumni and friends helps the program to continue investing in these opportunities for the benefit of current and future students.


Alumni and Student Voices

"The networking we did in Washington D.C. in 2020 was a great opportunity to get to know how organizations and companies worked. Nowadays, I’m working as an Associate in the United Nations Foundation based in DC, and I’m certain none of this would be possible if I hadn’t had the opportunity to join the LAS program." — Valeria Garrido, MA 2020, Latin American Studies Program

"The funding from the LAS Program at Ohio University was absolutely crucial in my decision to choose OU to pursue my Master’s degree. As an international student from a developing country, financial support was paramount. Otherwise, I would not be able to afford all the costs involved in studying abroad. The LAS funding allowed me to have great experiences, such as the travel to DC in 2020, where I could have meetings with outstanding professionals at significant international institutions. The funding also allowed me to finish my thesis during the Summer Semester, giving me some – valuable – extra months to conclude my research. Finally, I cannot forget to mention that the funding I got during the summer of 2020 was a relief in a moment of uncertainty due to the pandemic. In sum, I am absolutely grateful for the grant that the Latin American Studies Program at Ohio University awarded me, giving me the opportunity to study and develop my research in one prestigious university in the USA." — Vinícius Mafra, MA 2021

"Thanks to the LAS funding I have had the opportunity to delve into new academic grounds by combining my experience in Political Sciences with my passion, Capoeira. Indeed, the CIS and the LAS program have granted me funds to conduct part of my research, which explores the corporal performance of capoeira from the perspective of resistance and biopolitics." — Julio Beltran, MA student, 2nd year

"The Center of International Studies (CIS), where Latin American Studies belongs, funded my summer project, which consisted of writing an article about a contemporary Afro-Brazilian artist named Rosana Paulino. For this, I used an eco-feminist and animal activist perspective. From that project, I ended up writing two articles about two different pieces of her art. One of the articles will be published by The National Autonomous University of Mexico." — Juanita Eslava Bejarano, MA Student, 2nd year

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