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Time to Rise: OHIO Spirit Squads 2021

Support student athletes by helping the OHIO Cheerleading and Dance teams reach their goal of raising $20,000!
Amount currently raised: $5,661 

Time to Rise: OHIO Spirit Squads 2021

Wherever you go to cheer on the Bobcats, the Ohio University Cheerleading and Dance teams are there to encourage and support their fellow student-athletes. As they return to the spotlight during a global pandemic, we ask these talented performers to give their all as students and as athletes, every day of the 2021-22 season.

This is the time to rally behind our student athletes! This, Bobcats, is the time to rise.

Today, we’re reaching out to ask you to stand with them through a gift of any amount to help fund team travel, gear, and equipment. Your gift supports these students as they grow as athletes and as young leaders, learning to succeed both on and off the field.

Catch the Cheerleading Team at all home football, men's basketball, and women's basketball games. We also send a travel team to away football games, any championship or bowl games, and any basketball tournament games.

The Ohio University Dance Team promotes school spirit and Bobcat pride through performances at home football games, basketball games, pep rallies, bowl games, and tournaments.


In 2019, the Ohio University Dance Team was awarded the title of University World Cup Open Division Champions.

“Being part of the Ohio University Dance Team during my time in Athens is one of the most special pieces of my college career. The teamwork, creativity, passion and fun we had for performing at football and basketball games truly made our group more than just dedicated dancers, but our own special OU family. Giving back to this group makes me so happy in knowing there will be many more years of this special bond to come!” — Laura Buck

Laura and Bryan Buck, and Rufus!

Meet The Dance Team Athlete:
Megan Hinkle '23, Early Childhood and Elementary Education Major

"The absolute best part of being on the Ohio University Dance Team is getting to experience the energy from crowds first-hand. Not only am I getting to do what I love, but I get to help lead the crowds in supporting our fellow student-athletes. The feeling is unlike anything I have felt before." 

"The Dance Team would not be where we are without the unique opportunities that we are given every year by OHIO. We are so blessed to be able to perform and show our spirit at school events. For example, recently for Homecoming, we were invited to perform at the Yell Like Hell pep rally, at the volleyball game with Sparkles, the inclusive cheer group on campus, in the Homecoming Parade, and at the football game. We are very fortunate to have these opportunities from the University."

"Being an athlete on a student-led team has tremendously improved my leadership skills, especially being senior captain. The opportunities this team has brought me have truly helped me grow as a person. I am a more responsible and resilient person because of this team, and I am so grateful."

Meet The Dance Team Athlete:
Jenna Crass '22, Marketing and Dance Majors

"My favorite aspect of performing with the Dance Team, no matter the event, is our ability to bring to life the pride that our Bobcats have for Ohio University! As a member of the Ohio University Spirit Squad, I support the players in the game, the band in the stands, and the crowd cheering on the Ohio Bobcats!"

"From the first days of the Ohio University Dance Team, OHIO has always supported us by providing us the space to practice and inviting us to perform at events. As members on the team, we do our best to balance academics, dancing, and the additional responsibilities we all have. Since we are a student organization, we raise all of our funds for costumes, supplies, and competition expenses. We are thrilled to support OHIO on campus and throughout the United States at Bowl Games, MAC tournaments, and events."

"Being a student-athlete has allowed me to improve my leadership abilities, because, through my experiences on this Spirit Squad, I have realized that no matter what team you are a part of, when everyone works toward a common goal – everyone gets better...together! As a senior on the Dance Team, I have been able to find solutions to the unique challenges we face and motivate my fellow Bobcats when needed. Being on the team also allows me to celebrate being a part of something bigger than myself!"



Meet The Cheerleading Athlete:
Morgan Bickel '22, Biological Sciences Pre-Professional Major

"One of my favorite aspects of playing for OHIO is the community. The crowd and fans help us bring the energy to the games to cheer on our Bobcats. An example of this is running the football team out of the inflatable Bobcat head and across the field to begin each game. The adrenaline rush is something truly unbeatable. Another favorite aspect of playing for OHIO is the sense of belonging I have — it's been there since day one. The Bobcat community never lets me forget I am not alone and will always have a 'hOUme' here."

"Because I balance a full course load of classes, participate in two Greek life organizations, and have our Cheer practices and workouts, sometimes, the [time] management of it all can become stressful. The University has helped me (and others) by not only giving the squad a huge support system to lean on but also resources that have helped us all become better students and student-athletes."

"Being an athlete has been my life since I was young. Throughout this experience, I have learned so many valuable lessons, specifically how to be a better leader. I have looked up to many athletes myself and from them, I have seen a variety of leadership qualities that work and do not work for the team. I have been able to take this experience and apply it to my team and even everyday life. I not only want to be better for myself, but for those I am leading. Being an athlete keeps you responsible, quick on your toes, open-minded, and most of all, a better, well-rounded person. Being an athlete has helped me gain not only friendship with my teammates but also the trust that runs deep as their leader."


Your generous gift to this OHIO campaign will help student-athletes succeed on and off the field (or court)

Your actions now will make OHIO Spirit Squad's $20,000 goal quickly attainable. Here are four things alumni, families, and fans can do to support a bright future for these student-athletes:

  • Make a gift here, in support of this Time To Rise: OHIO Spirit Squads 2021 crowdfunding campaign.
  • Mail a check (payable to The Ohio University Foundation) to The Ohio University Foundation, PO Box 869, Athens, OH 45701; be sure to write OHIO Cheerleading or OHIO Dance Team on the memo line.
  • Talk with Annual Giving's Matt Thomson '13 about a transformational gift to support these sports.
  • If you want to explore making a charitable gift to this campaign with a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), giving via a Donor Advised Fund or stock transfer, please also reach out to Matt Thomson.

To support all of OHIO's student-athletes, give to the Ohio Bobcat Club through the site, write Ohio Bobcat Club on your check, or ask Matt Thomson about Ohio Bobcat Club membership and benefits

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