Honors Tutorial College: Celebrating 50 Years

Your gift to HTC matters now more than ever to our students! Thank you!

Honors Tutorial College: Celebrating 50 Years

The Honors Tutorial College is celebrating five decades of academic achievement and creative thinking. From the establishment of the college in 1972 to the now 30+ programs of study, students have the unique opportunity to engage in 1:1 tutorial-based education at Ohio University. Looking to the future, the college will build on the past 50 years to provide un-matched opportunities to study abroad, participate in internships, and achieve academically.

The college's main priority is to ensure that every student can study abroad if they want to, despite any financial barriers. The Honors Tutorial College Study Abroad Endowment helps offset costs associated with anything from travel to international internships. As our world becomes increasingly interdependent and cultures across the globe come together, it is important to give our students a high level of multicultural, linguistic, and historical diversity.

Supporting the Honors Tutorial College Study Abroad Endowment directly impacts our students’ ability to participate and engage in international experiences. Without this support, our students lose out on impactful and life-changing experiences that not only affect their academics but themselves as individuals. You can help us give these amazing experiences to students like Alexis Karolin, who traveled to Wales: “Studying abroad was the greatest experience of my life thus far.... I studied abroad because I wanted to push myself to become more independent, and I certainly did.”

Alexis Karolin at Swansea University

Give now to help OHIO’s HTC students become better leaders of tomorrow by seeing the world and all it has to offer!

Other HTC funds we're highlighting as part of the 50th Anniversary are our Public Interest Internship, a fund dedicated to supporting internship opportunities and offsetting any associated costs, and the General Scholarship Endowment*, which supports our ability to retain and recruit our exceptional students through competitive scholarships.

No matter where you give — see below for more HTC giving opportunities** — your gift matters now more than ever to our HTC students! Thank you!


Your generous gift to this OHIO campaign will help HTC students succeed in and out of the classroom

Your actions now will make the participation goal of 50 donors quickly attainable. Here are four things alumni, families, and friends can do to support a bright future for HTCers:

  • Make a gift here in support of this Honors Tutorial College 50th Anniversary crowdfunding campaign.
  • Mail a check (payable to The Ohio University Foundation) to The Ohio University Foundation, PO Box 869, Athens, OH 45701 — be sure to write the name of the fund on the memo line. For example, "HTC Study Abroad Endowment."
  • If you want to explore making a charitable gift to this campaign with a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), giving via a Donor Advised Fund or stock transfer, please reach out to Jonathan Renard.
  • Talk with Jonathan Renard about a new, pioneering gift to support the Honors Tutorial College in honor of the College’s 50th Anniversary.

Riley Zielinski, HTC Biological Sciences, participating in an international internship researching infectious diseases in Berlin

*All HTC General Scholarship Endowment gifts are eligible to benefit from the OHIO Match. Through June 30, 2024, the OHIO Match will match 50 cents on the dollar for all gifts made to scholarship endowments.

**HTC has more than 70 funds that support its students. While only three are featured here, all are critical for the College's well-being and success. Please visit the Honors Tutorial College collection of funds on the Ohio University Giving site for all HTC giving opportunities — or if you have a specific HTC fund in mind, use the "Search Funds" feature on give.ohio.edu/funds to locate it quickly. Gifts to any HTC fund during the 50th Anniversary celebration will be added to this Celebrating 50 Years campaign so alumni and donors can see their collective impact on the College.

Looking to make a gift to a different OHIO fund? Visit give.ohio.edu/funds and search our database of over 2,000 funds, all aimed at supporting our students, faculty, and campuses.