Athens Community Music School: Making a difference since 1979

Because music study makes a difference.

ACMS helps bring music education and performance to people who yearn to learn

Providing music instruction to youth (and many others!) in the Athens community and beyond is at the heart of Athens Community Music School's mission. Founded in 1979, the Athens Community Music School (ACMS) is a community-wide initiative and the principal source of qualified music instruction in southeast Ohio and West Virginia.

This priceless resource, located on the campus of Ohio University and managed through the College of Fine Arts, provides a valuable intersection of community and university resources to bring music education and performance to young people who yearn to learn.

ACMS offers elevated group and private instruction in voice study, guitar, string, woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. ACMS is committed to providing access, resources, and a music instruction and performance platform to all who want to participate.

“ACMS is a jewel in our community, instilling a love of music and offering training to so many area children. The experience they provide is truly transformative to young lives.” — Rachel Cornish, ACMS Parent

Music Study Makes A Difference

Research shows that music study and instruction provide lasting impact and a meaningful foundation for improved learning in young children. This essential enrichment is only sometimes available in the public school curriculum. Additionally, the cost of participation can be a limitation and barrier for many in our community. Your support reduces that gap and makes the opportunity accessible.

How You Can Help

We are urging your contribution to two primary funds that provide vital support for ACMS. Your gift in any amount goes to provide essential needs for the program and participants, including:

  • Access to group or private lessons for students
  • Offsetting the cost for instrument rental for a semester
  • Offsetting the cost for tuition for a semester

Athens Community Music School Scholarship

Established in 1995, this fund supports students who can not afford to attend or participate in our program. Funds go to help instructors, instrument rental, and more.

Athens Community Music School Support Fund

Established in 2022, this fund provides incremental support for the intermediate strings program offsetting the cost of purchasing instruments and providing instructional support. This program fills a gap as similar programs are unavailable within Athens and surrounding public schools.

Your generous gift to this ACMS campaign will support music education and performance

Your actions now will make this campaign a success. Here are 3 things alumni and friends can do to help Athens Community Music School:

  • Make a gift today.
  • Mail a check (payable to The Ohio University Foundation) to The Ohio University Foundation, PO Box 869, Athens, OH 45701; be sure to write the ACMS fund you wish to support on the memo line.
  • If you want to explore making a charitable gift to this campaign with a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), giving via a Donor Advised Fund or stock transfer, please reach out to Sarah Schneider.